By Jonathan Davies

Barclays may not appoint a new chief executive until 2016, potentially leaving the bank's new chairman in the role for more than eight months.

Antony Jenkins was fired by new chairman John McFarlane on Wednesday due to differences over plans for the bank.

Reuters reports say that Mr McFarlane told staff that the appointment of a replacement could take place as late as spring 2016.

The Barclays chairman and interim chief executive said he was in no rush to appointment a successor. Although someone could be named by the end of this year, it is more likely to be in February or March next year, Reuters reported.

"We're not going to move quickly on this," he told reporters after firing Antony Jenkins.

"These things take time. It gives time for the internal people to show what they can do and it gives time to identify thoroughly the (external) people that haven't been identified in other searches."