By Marcus Leach

Barcelona's bid to win a third Champions League title in five years could be severely disrupted by the latest ash cloud from Iceland.

With ash from the Grimsvotn volcano now reaching the UK the club could be forced to drastically change their travel plans and preparations.

Barcelona were set to fly to London on Thursday ahead of Saturday's Wembley showdown with Manchester United, but are now on standby awaiting a decision that means they could fly today instead.

"If they tell us we can't risk the trip, we'll travel tomorrow or the day after," said Barca boss Pep Guardiola on Monday.

"If not, we'll travel like we planned. We will not take any risks."

It would not be the first time Barcelona have had a Champions League game disrupted by an ash cloud, having been forced to travel by road to Italy last season to play Inter Milan - a match they lost 3-1.

"I hope the volcano sleeps a little bit longer," said Guardiola.

"What matters is what they tell us, whatever they say we'll do with the maximum anticipation possible."

With fans set to travel over later in the week as well the Barcelona coach played down any fears that the game may be delayed due to the ash cloud.

"The final will be on Saturday," he said. "Uefa won't change the date of the final.

"Let's hope that the volcano doesn't disrupt travel plans of all the fans who want to go.

"Lots and lots of people - 10,000 or 12,000 people - will travel by plane on the same day and might not be able to change those plans.

"That could be a handicap. It would be terrible to play a final where half of the stands are empty."