By Marcus Leach

A report released by Mastercard has shown that the winners of Saturday's Champions League final showdown between Manchester United and Barcelona will scoop a staggering €126 million.

The showpiece event, to be played at Wembley, will see the best two sides in Europe battle for the right to be crowned European champions. And whilst all that will matter to the players is winning the coveted trophy, the respective money men at the two clubs will be well aware of the financial implications winning Europe's biggest club prize will entail.

The report, conducted by Professor Simon Chadwick of the sport business unit at Coventry University, shows that the losers will still collect in the region of €73 million.

The last time these two clubs met in the final, back in 2009 when Barcelona won, winning was worth €59 million, where as this years final is estimated as being worth €369 million.

London, by virtue of hosting the final, is expected to benefit to the tune of 52m euros as fans spend money at the stadium, on accommodation, and on food and drink.

The record financial implications of the final are attributed to the fact it is Manchester United and Barcelona (arguably the two biggest brands in club football worldwide) are the teams playing.

"While the UEFA Champions League is a strong brand in its own right, the nature and strength of the brand is clearly heavily influenced by its constituent parts - the participating clubs," said Professor Chadwick.

"This year's UEFA Champions League final has the perfect ingredients to drive economic activity - Europe's two biggest clubs playing in a city such as London."