By Jonathan Davies

A banker who claims he lost his job as a result of raising concerns over his employers' risk assessments has lost a preliminary hearing at an employment tribunal in London.

Karl Pestell, 48, claims he told his managers at Japanese Bank Nomura that financial risks being taken were not properly assessed, and that he lost his job soon after.

Nomura says he was made redundant because the role was being moved to India and a judge has ruled that the case should not go to a full hearing.

Mr Pestell is claiming age and disability discrimination, whistleblowing and unfair dismissal. The father-of-two from Essex had claimed interim leave, in which the judge at Central London Employment Tribunal could have ordered Nomura to give him back his job or pay his £187,500 salary while the tribunal was ongoing.

That was rejected based on the fact that the judge must believe is it "likely" the Mr Pestell would win his case.

James Laddie QC, representing Mr Pestell, told the tribunal that after his client raised his concerns, "he could not be trusted to be someone who would toe the line".

"The redundancy - that is no more than a cloak to disguise the true reason for the termination of employment," he said.