After a lifetime working in the conference and exhibition sector the Covid 19 pandemic made a big impact on Mark James’s business.
Social distancing rules effectively put a hold on events worldwide.
Rather than sit back and wait for the crisis to end, Mark started thinking what the world of work would look like once restrictions were relaxed and came up with the concept of the ‘2 Meter Office Shield’.
A fast, flexible and cost-effective solution that will allow staff to return to work with confidence.
Harnessing his global network of contractors, who are normally building exhibition stands, Mark designed a modular solution that can be rolled out and installed quickly and efficiently.
The ‘2 Meter Office Shield’ is currently being manufactured in the UK but available worldwide.
“Our objective is to help businesses return to some sort of normal as soon as possible and with the minimum of fuss. I know the impact the pandemic had on my business and the challenges organisations of all sizes will face in getting back to work is daunting. We wanted to put our skills and experience in modular design and installation to good use and believe that the ‘2 Meter Office Shield’ is a pragmatic alternative to the open office.” Mark James, founder, 2 Meter Office Shield.
Speaking to the BBC earlier this week, Frances O’ Grady of the TUC said; “Workers safety must not be compromised.”
Ahead of direct guidance from government organisations looking to get started on the ‘roadmap out of lockdown’ should call Mark and his team on:-