Image credit: Marcel Antonisse / Anefo Image credit: Marcel Antonisse / Anefo
We keep hearing that the millennial generation have different expectations than their elders, but a new study shows they are not so different, after-all.

We are told that millennial workers expect more from their jobs - they expect higher job satisfaction and a sense they are doing something for the wider good.

But according a study by Culture Amp, employees aged 55-64 are more likely to want a job that does good in the world.

CEO Didier Elzinga told Business Insider: “It certainly surprised me. It's not just young people that want to make a difference in the world, it's us old fuddy duddies as well.”

Mr Elzinga speculates that the older workers get disillusioned, and said “You get to the point where making gobsmacks of money isn't all it's cracked up to be.”

Maybe they can just afford it, maybe, having a moral conscience costs money, meaning it helps if you are older to realise it. Or maybe they are like Mick Jagger, and they just can't get no satisfaction.