By Claire West

Research by analysts at have shown that the average broadband speed has now broken through the 5Mbps barrier to reach 5.106Mbps.

"Looking back to a year ago when the average speed was only 4.2Mbps we can see how far things have improved" Says Ed Dawson, Editor at

The results were calculated from thousands of broadband speed tests taken on the site during July 2010 by ordinary broadband users UK wide.

"These figures mirror almost exactly the recently published Ofcom figures and we are pleased to be able to confirm the accuracy of their study." adds Dawson.

At the individual provider level Virgin retain and extend their lead as the UK's fastest broadband provider (a position they've held for an incredible
23 months) clocking in at almost double the UK average at 10.041 Mbps simultaneously becoming the first provider ever to break the 10 Mbps average speed barrier.

However, even though this months results bring some significant milestones for UK broadband speeds, it does still confirm that compared to speeds in many other developed countries the UK is still well behind. With average speeds of over 16Mbps needed to place a country in the top 10 worldwide it looks like it's going to be many years before the UK catches up.

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