By Daniel Hunter

The average cost of petrol has fallen to 132.16p a litre, down by 5.49p a litre between mid-September and mid-October.

Diesel dropped in price over the same period, from 142.50p to 139.12p.

The fall in prices, which are still some way off the 2008 drop of 11.5p for petrol, is largely due to a reduction in the wholesale price of fuel, according to the AA.

The result for drivers of small petrol cars is an average fall in the cost of filling up the tank of £2.74, while a saloon car would prove £3.84 less to refuel.

Rural areas are still more likely to pay more for petrol than urban areas, due to the lack of competition among garages. However, some regions of the UK are more expensive than others, with Northern Ireland topping the list for the most expensive place to fill up.

"A more than £2.50-a-tank cut in petrol costs for families is a dramatic improvement on its own. Heading into winter with cars using more fuel, the timing couldn't be better,” said Edmund King, AA president.

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