By Hannah Durham

In a world focused on image and persona, how can you ensure that your business isn’t performing an illusion with its identity?

Consumers no longer stand for manipulation or deception and, as expectations continue to grow, they are now demanding deeper connections and real conversations across all industries.

We’re entering an age of authenticity and if you truly want to engage your audience, it’s crucial that you make integrity and transparency top of your agenda.

So, how can you ensure that your business is behaving authentically and creating real, long-lasting relationships with your customers?

Taking on the topic of authenticity vs. illusion in business, Craig Goldblatt, Founder of Authenticity Rules and Inspirational Speaker, and Peter Wardell, experienced, multi-award winning magician, will discuss why being human matters in creating value and improving business practices and outcomes.

Join Craig and Peter at 6:30pm on the 28th April 2015 at Crowdshed to find out how authenticity can elevate businesses, help to build an influential identity, give substance to ideas and actions, and encourage real engagement.

Being authentic isn’t a magic trick. Forget the illusions and ensure business success!

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