By Jonathan Davies

Aston Martin has revealed plans to broaden its range of cars to attract female and younger drivers.

The luxury sportscar manufacturer, whose models usually cost in excess of £100,000, are planning to release new sportscars, four-seats and SUVs to attract more female and younger customers, in an attempt to turnaround its loss-making business.

Aston Martin's sales have dropped by around 3,000 to 4,000 a year over the past decade.

"The brand has to be relevant," chief executive Andy Palmer told a press conference at the Geneva Motor Show.

"Aston Martin must be less dependent on a narrow portfolio and one type of customer."

The brand is synonymous with the James Bond films, from the classic DB5 to some of the newer models seen in the Daniel Craig installments. But Aston Martin is popular among middle-aged sportscar enthusiasts.

But Mr Palmer, who was recruited from Nissan last year, said he wants to make the brand more "relevant to a customer who would never before have considered buying an Aston Martin".

Although few details were revealed, the chief executive said the investment in new vehicles would be the largest ever in Aston Martin's 102 year history. In addition to the new vehicles, Mr Palmer wants to get sales of its core sportscars up to 7,000 a year - but sales will be capped at around that figure to maintain Aston Martin's exclusivity, so don't get your hopes up!