By Lucy Futter, Co-Working blogger and owner of The Workstead

Everyone wants to be their own boss, but are you really cut out to go it alone and flourish in Freelancing? Take this simple test and see…

In The Morning, The First Thing You Do When You Get to Your Desk Is –

A) Make Your To-Do List To Map Your Day
B) Win At “Office Tea Rounds” By Getting Yours Made First
C) Facebook

What Would You Choose As A Priority?

A) Clients
B) Checking Emails
C) Your Cat

The Most Likely Thing To Distract You Is –

A) An Online Article Related To Your Industry
B) Nothing; I Am A Machine
C) Your Cat

Happiness Is –

A) An Endless Pool Of Clients
B) A Clear Desk & Workload
C) Your Cat

Your Weapon Of Choice For Winning Work Is –

A) Networking Websites and Freelancing Platforms (LinkedIn, Your Local CoWorking Space)
B) Word Of Mouth
C) Gumtree

The Key To Maintaining Relationships At Work Is –

A) Thorough Work, Reliability and Exceeding Expectations
B) Being The Best At What You Do
C) You’ve Both Mastered The Art Of The Coffee Machine

Your Boss Is –

A) My Clients
B) Myself
C) My Cat

In 5 Years You Want To Be –

A) The Top of Your Profession, An Industry Insider With Respected Opinions
B) Running Your Business And Employing Many People
C) Retired

I Like The Idea Of Being A Freelancer Because –

A) It Gives Me An Opportunity To Specialise In My Strong Points And Offer An Excellent Service
B) It Allows Me To Work For Myself And Choose My Hours
C) Because Steve Jobs Was One Of Those And He Seemed Pretty Successful (Oh hang on, was that an entrepreneur…?)

The Best Part Of Finishing A Project Is –

A) Receiving Feedback
B) Getting Paid
C) Um… That It’s Finished?!

What Are You Most Likely To Talk To Your Colleagues/Clients About After Work

A) Your Last Project
B) Your Next Project
C) The X Factor

Mostly A’s – Nice try! But you can’t fool us. With that sort of mentality and motivation, you must already be a freelancer. You know that keeping up with modern practice and making use of multiple platforms is how to keep your client base booming, and your worst nightmare is an empty inbox. With that sort of momentum we’ll expect to see you tapping away remotely from your yacht in no time.

Mostly B’s – Nearly. You want to be a freelancer (who doesn’t?!) but you’ve not quite put yourself in the mind-set of a game-changer. There’s no point in limping in to the game – You’ll get flattened by the competition – So start part time with some smaller projects and see how you do. Going in to freelance knowing your faults and being realistic about your expectations will mean you can make a clear business plan and follow it through. Try again later.

Mostly C’s – Not Happening. If your reason for going in to freelance is “I hate my boss” or “I want to work in my pyjamas” then you’re going to fall at the first hurdle. It’s not like the best in the business woke up one day and thought “Why The Hell Not?” and quit their jobs to become overnight millionaires – They had to work hard and stay on track. The hardest person to motivate is yourself, and you’re the sort of person who needs someone breathing down their neck. Stick with the day job and don’t dilute the pool.

The best careers I’ve seen take off start with people who surround themselves with a great support system, choose the right pace and protect their brand.