By Jim Duffy, Entrepreneurial Spark CEO

How many times have you heard an entrepreneur tell you, “I’m passionate about it”?

Yep, I’m hearing it in my sleep these days.

Ask an entrepreneur for three words that describe them and you will hear “passionate” seven times out of ten. The term passionate is becoming another word that is simply used in the lexicon of start-up, early stage and growth these days.

Lately, I’m hearing it in general conversations about anything. The same way other terms are overused these days, like “robust”, “solutions”, “aligned” etc… you know what I mean right?

So please… let’s not lose the passion in “passionate”!

Time for a definition:

passionate (adjective)having, showing, or caused by strong feelings or beliefs.

If you’re passionate about something, then tell me… but, don’t then add in how passionate you are about being passionate. It won’t convince me otherwise.

I once had a guy tell me how passionate he was about doing my website. Then gave me a quote for £10,000 more than anyone else. I kinda get why he was “passionate”…

I guess the passion you have for your idea or start-up stems from a painpoint or personal experience, so it will have strong feelings attached to it. Ideally, other human beings will feel this way too and you get emotional buy in - very nice and always a boost for customers. Businesses and brands are built on emotion. Just look at Apple or Virgin.

But, all too often I hear entrepreneurs telling me they are “passionate” about the proposition. However, I can’t feel it and they don’t look like they do also. Focussed and authentic passion is needed and more importantly, investors are looking for it. Passionate to be trendy in verbiage is always going nowhere.

Anyone else feel like this just now as start-up is exploding all over the globe? Tell me @GoDo_Today

Let’s keep it real folks…