By Claire West

Having an untidy desk covered in clutter could be stopping you achieving the business success you want.
Clearing your desk has the power to transform your business. How? Clutter in your outer environment is the physical manifestation of all the clutter going on inside you. Clearing clutter off your desk has a ripple effect across your entire life — including your work. It can transform your business from a stagnant pond to a fast flowing river.

When our minds are cluttered with overwhelm, fears, worries and limiting beliefs they show up in our lives as physical clutter — in our homes and in our business. Clutter has far-reaching negative effects on every area of our lives. Clutter prevents us from living our lives to the full and receiving the recognition and success we deserve.

For many of us in the 21st century our business lives are an important part of who we are and how we feel, but if we allow that aspect of our lives to get cluttered then it’s clear we won’t be reaching our potential.

Women are some of the worst cluttered desk culprits — especially women who do too much. They often struggle with an unruly desk because they prioritise other things and other people instead of themselves.

"When we throw out the physical clutter, we clear our minds." Gail Blanke

Our internal and external worlds are intrinsically linked. Clearing clutter on the external has a direct effect on the internal and visa versa. Clearing out your physical environment — even if it’s just a small space, like your desk or the overflowing filing cabinet - will instantly impact your internal world, your mental health and wellbeing. You’ll be creating more “space” for the clients and opportunities you want — as well as the money and success you deserve. It’s a great way to get your business moving forward.

Another powerful effect of clearing physical clutter is increased energy. If you often feel overwhelmed, tired and drained this is because lots of your energy is being depleted by things in your life that you no longer need.

Jayne Morris is founder of Power Up Coaching and has helped many clients transform their business by starting with the “stuff” on their desks.

Jayne suggests making a start on clearing your physical clutter today with these 6 Starter Steps:

Select a Starting Point — Ask yourself ‘Which area of my physical environment would make the best place for me to start clearing for my highest possible good’. Trust your intuition and start there. Even clearing clutter at home will impact on your business — and vice versa. If you are unsure then the desk is always a great place to start — its small and clearly defined.

Shift Your Focus — Shift your focus so that your clutter becomes your ally, like a friend helping to highlight the things you have hidden, but actually want to keep.

Find Your Treasures — Begin your clearing process by sorting through the area you are clearing and putting aside all the things you instantly feel drawn to that you defiantly want to keep.

Trash or Treasure? - Some things you may not feel instantly drawn to keep and may find indecisiveness creeping in about whether they are trash or treasure. Ask yourself does this item expand or deplete my energy?’

Trash Fast! — When you have finished clearing your selected area trust your instincts on what to trash and trash fast!

Trust Your Space — If you’ve held on to clutter for sometime you will definitely feel a sense of energetic lightness when you let go of things that have been draining you. With this may come the temptation to fill the newly created space back up with things you don’t need. Trust your Space! Breathe into it. Honour it. Cherish it.