The Apprentice came to a thrilling finale on Sunday, with Tom Pellereau announced as this year's winner.

After weeks of competing in teams the final episode saw each of the four finalists go it alone as they were grilled by Lord Sugar's trusted assistants. As well as being interviewed about themselves as people they had their business plans examined in fine detail.

Ultimately it was Tom's ability to create and invent products that won the day, with the hard, direct sales approach of Jim Eastwood falling short as he became the first of the four finalists to get fired.

For once Jim's endless talking couldn't get him out of this hole as he was pulled to pieces and shown up for a lack of business knowledge and skill. As Lord Sugar said, if it is a salesman you want he is your man, but that, in truth, is about it for the Irishman.

Next to get fired was Susan, who despite pitching cosmetics, an industry Lord Sugar has made no secret about wanting to be in, came up short in certain aspects.

And so it came down to Tom, with his pitch of a 'smart chair' and Helen Louise Milligan and her concierge business service. Helen's business idea was blown out of the water by both Lord Sugar and his assistants, whilst Tom was told his business plan was flawed. So who would Lord Sugar side with?

Ultimately it was Tom's 'product' approach that won the day, although Helen did attempt a last-ditch plan B business pitch, but not even that was enough to convince Lord Sugar.

And so Tom, who lost more challenges than any other contestant this year, was crowned champion of the 2011 Apprentice, showing that good guys really can win in business.

However, Lord Sugar did say afterwards that had the show been running on the old system - where candidates had been competing for a job with him - Helen would have walked the final.

There was also hope for Susan Ma as Lord Sugar alluded to some form of deal to incorporate her cosmetics product range in his new business venture with Tom, citing a great synergy between the two.

After the show Lord Sugar did make it clear that as business partners the two would be looking at Tom's curved nail file and other such products, rather than going with his 'smart chair' concept.

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