By Marcus Leach

The Apple 'Let's talk iPhone' conference, where the much anticipated iPhone 5 is set to be unveiled, begins at 18:00 BST.

Tim Cook, Apple's new full-time chief executive, is expected to launch the latest iPhone at the technology giants event.

However, rather than unveiling an iPhone 5, as many had expected, the California-based company will launch the iPhone 4S - which will be the fifth phone in the range they have released.

Rumours are rife as to what we can expect from the latest in the market-leading range of smartphones, as well as stories suggesting Steve Jobs, former chief executive at Apple, will make a guest appearance.

Whatever happens, the excitement around the event has mounted gradually over the past weeks after what will have been a fifteen month wait since the launch of the original iPhone 4.

There is divided opinion as to how different the two versions will be, and only at the event will one of the best kept technology secrets be revealed.

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