By David White, Managing Director, Weboptimiser

In an article released just last Friday by Kit Eaton of Fastcompany.com tells us we can expect a lot from the next generation of Apple TV.

According to Apple, Apple TV will be launched in 2 to 4 weeks and it is true to form that leaks are designed to inform us of what is to come, in what is now a classic marketing formula. An area Weboptimiser are very experienced in.

Before I detail some of the expected enhancements, the importance of this Apple TV product is that it represents another dominating move by a big player into the home television arena.

You may remember that Yahoo announced just last week that they plan to deliver Internet connectivity via home TVs aiming for Q4 this year.

So let me tell you a few of Kits suggestions:
HDMI with 720p video to your TV and optical audio out. This supports an iTunes and Net connected with audio and TV content available both wirelessly and through wired connections. I want one!

Part of what we can summise from this leak and Yahoos announcement is that your living room is about to become a battle ground for at least two major players, Apple of course already has a stake.

We know that Apples Apple TV user Interface is very simple to use, with no more than just a slightly enhanced TV controller for controlling the devices.

The implication is that if this media establishes an even stronger foothold in the living room then we will have to make our websites even easier to use
- watch Weboptimiser.com over the next few weeks, you will see that we are taking action and recommend that you should too.

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