By Marcus Leach

Technology giants Apple have been criticised for new technology that is aimed at preventing fans from filming with their smartphones at live gigs.

Apple applied for a patent on a system that could switch off cameras on smartphones if it sense that the user is recording live events.

However, several artists have hit back at Apple, saying that they need to move with the times and accept that it will happen at concerts.

"Just move with the times, stop trying to block people from doings things. It all works," rapper Tinie Tempah told the BBC

"It's [people filming on smartphones] the biggest form of promo".

Apple applied for the patent on June 2nd, asking for ownership of a system that will disable the camera if it picks up infrared light in areas where picture or video messaging are prohibited.

However, not all of the music industry are in agreement with Tinie Tempah, with several bands believing if people are filming how can they be in the moment of the music.

"Its not really enjoying the moment is it? Personally I wouldn't even take a phone to a gig, because I'd want to throw myself around too much," Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson said.

"You can't really crowd surf with an iPad."

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