By Jason Theodorou

Apple could be facing a legal dispute with UK TV broadcaster ITV, over a possible name change for the company’s ‘Apple TV’ set top box to 'iTV', bringing it in line with other popular Apple products including the iPhone and iPod.

ITV have said that they will ‘vigorously defend’ the company’s brand and reputation in the face of Apple’s proposed changes. Apple previously marketed the media-streaming set top box as 'iTV' in 2006.

Mike Large, group director at broadcaster ITV, said: ‘We have a large number of registered trademarks for ITV, and are a household brand of over 50 years’. ITV are expected to have a strong case in the UK, but Apple may decide to market the Apple TV as ‘iTV’ in other countries.

The new ‘iTV’ is expected to feature an Apple A4 processor and 16GB of storage, together with 720p video. It may also include an iTunes streaming service, which would allow people to buy and play music from a remote server without needing to download content.

Apple plans to launch a new version of the device later in the year.