By Marcus Leach

Technology giants Apple look set to become embroiled in yet another legal battle after 27,000 South Koreans filed a lawsuit against them this week.

In a bid to cement their market dominance Apple have been involved in numerous legal battles of late, with varying degrees of success.

And now comes the latest, 27,000 South Koreans angry over the collection of location data on iPhones and iPads.

If Apple lose the case it could cost them in the region of £14,391,000, with each person seeking the equivalent of £533 in compensation.

However, the bigger concern Apple must now face is that if they lose the case it may well lead to literally thousands of others around the world.

The issue centres around research that found a hidden file on the devices containing a record of everywhere users had been, which coupled with certain software has the ability to produce a map of the user's movements with the phone or tablet.

Having denied the claims Apple promptly issued an update, cutting the time the data was stored, and not transferring it to user's laptops or computers.

Further to that it also now allows users to turn off the setting on their device, although permission for the tracking was given by users among the many pages of terms and conditions for the iTunes store.

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