By Max Clarke

The knock-on effects of last Thursday’s outage at Amazon’s North Virginia cloud computing centre are still being felt today.

The outage at the world's largest online retailer's only data centre affected a number of internet sites including; news service Reddit, location tracker FourSquare and answer service Quora, and have highlighted vulnerabilities in single service hosting strategies.

The downtime added to the Seattle-based giant's recent troubles, who this morning reported profits had declined by a third.

Andrew Gilbert, managing director at data centre and communications solutions specialist organisation Node4 said;

“Relying on a single data centre could prove a false economy should similar instances occur in the future. I believe a safer strategy to follow would be to increase resilience via a network of data centres, where should one data centre be brought down; one of the others cited in a different region simply takes over.

"Node4 has taken this approach and is already supplying the highest levels of resilience thorough a network of four, soon to be six facilities across the UK. The best strategy is to adopt ‘private shared or private dedicated cloud’ which can be configured according to your organisations specific needs and where your servers are kept off the public network while being part of an interconnected data centre network. This configuration will be guaranteed to avoid failures such as these and strengthen business stability”

As of the latest update on the Amazon web site, the services still experiencing problems are Amazon Compute Cloud and Amazon Relational database Service, both based in North Virginia USA.

Gilbert continued, “The global nature of the internet means that a problem in one country can have global consequences. Private cloud offers increased security as it does not rely on the publicly available internet for connectivity. This allows enhanced security and control, as well as delivering more resilience and availability. We are also finding that a having a ‘more local’ presence backed by a national network is an increasingly important factor for our customers when selecting a data centre partner.”