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Amazon is creating an extra 1,000 jobs in the UK, in addition to the 2,500 jobs announced earlier this year.

The latest announcement means Amazon will employ more than 15,500 people in the UK. The Internet giant said the jobs would be split across London, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Manchester and Leicester.

The head of Amazon in the UK said the company has no plans to make any negative changes following the EU referendum.

Doug Gurr, head of Amazon UK, said: "Our sales are in line with expectations. It's business as usual as far as we are concerned.

"We don't know what the impact will be. As far as we're concerned right now, we're keeping our heads down and continuing to do what we do. We'll deal with whatever situation arises."

He added: "We are creating thousands of new jobs to continue to deliver the experience our customers know and love during the festive season and beyond.

"We are hiring for all types of roles from software engineers, computer programmers and corporate managers in our R&D centres and head office, to operations managers, engineers, service technicians, HR roles and order fulfilment roles in our fulfilment centres."