Sleep at work

We’ve all been there. It’s half past 3 on a Wednesday and you’re spent. The whole office is spent too: it’s not even reached end-of-the-week vibes yet and you’re already struggling for motivation. Don’t fret - we’ve all been there. Whether you’re just feeling tired, got something else on your mind or have just found yourself in a slump, here are some top tips for powering yourself through to the end of the working day.

Eat some brain food

Certain foods are known to boost brainpower, so consider a little culinary pick-me-up to drag you out of the afternoon slump. Snacks good for the mind include blueberries (thought to be good for memory), tomatoes (brain function) and blackcurrants (full of vitamin C).

Declutter your desk

If your desk is covered in last month’s to-do lists, empty crisp bags and fruit peel, take a few minutes to declutter it. Clutter can actually get a bit stressful, so clearing your desk of detritus and giving your inbox a spring clean can give you the ‘clean slate’ feeling you need to work through the rest of the afternoon.

Have a 5-minute walking break

This infographic by online bingo people Wink Bingo highlights the positive effects of exercise in boosting mental alertness, motivation and productivity. Brisk exercise - like going for a fast walk near the office - is known to increase the size of the brain’s hippocampus, boosting verbal memory, learning and emotions in the process.

Do your to-do list for tomorrow

Okay, so all you want to do is finish off a few bits and bobs and head home for the evening. The next day’s workload isn’t exactly the first thing on your mind. But try taking a minute or so to jot down tomorrow’s jobs - this process helps clear your head, so you’re focused and won’t spend the evening worrying about the next day.

Speak to someone

If your work slump is indicative of something more serious - like you’re really struggling for motivation or you’re seriously unhappy - make sure someone’s aware of it. If you have confidence in them, speak to your manager and talk about how you are feeling. If not, confide in a colleague. Talking to someone about how you feel can be a good way to process things.

Spend an hour working standing up

It’s well-known that sitting down a lot is bad for you. ‘Excessive sitting’ has been associated with being overweight and obese, type 2 diabetes, some types of cancer and even premature death. As well as taking time to walk around, consider standing up at your desk from time to time. Even if your employer hasn’t provided extendable desks that allow you to do this, you’ll probably be able to move your monitor accordingly.

Think about something you’re looking forward to

Do you have something exciting planned? Maybe it’s a trip to the cinema at the weekend or a holiday later in the year. Spend a minute focusing your thoughts on something you’re looking forward to, however big or small it is. It’ll remove you from the work sphere, albeit temporarily, and remind you there are other things going on in your life.

By Irma Hunkeler, Head of Content, Blueglass