By Daniel Hunter

Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport Maria Miller called on UK advertising to play its full part in recovery.

Speaking at the Advertising Associations’ annual LEAD Summit at lunchtime today (Thursday), she said: “Take it from me, Government is looking for ways to help industry grow.”

Referring to the Advertising Association/Deloitte report ‘Advertising Pays’, published today, she talked about the headline “eye popping figures” including the £16bn annual ad expenditure that adds £100bn to UK GDP by raising levels of economic activity and boosting productivity.

“Advertising is a driver of investment, tourism and growth. It is vital we help the advertising industry maximise its impact on the economy — while losing none of the creativity that makes British advertising so successful today. The biggest challenge facing the British economy is growth: we have to get our country back on track and growth is part of that equation. The creative industries are at the heart of putting this country back on its feet."

Referring to her 20 years of experience in marketing and advertising roles, she stated: “I am absolutely proud of the advertising industry in this country, the impact it has on our economy and our reputation abroad. I am determined to be its cheerleader.”

She called on the industry to help unlock the economic recovery, including providing more support for SMEs. “We need you to deliver”, she said in front of an audience of advertisers and ad agencies, calling on the industry to actively play its part.

“We’ve got the best advertising industry in the world,” she concluded.

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