By Helen Taylor, Head of HR at Instant Group

According to the HSE, 39% of all work related illnesses in 2013-14 were caused by work stress, depression or anxiety which can cause early burnout.

Achieving a better work/life balance is essential to ensure you can give your all at work, while still enjoying personal time away from the office.

I suggest two things to focus on in order to help maintain a healthy work/life balance:

The two things I would recommend the most when trying to optimise your work/life balance are practising good time management and ensuring you take time away from work to rest and re-energise.

Good time management is essential at work. Prioritise the tasks that have the greatest impact. We can often get caught up in low priority “easy” tasks and using our best hours for the most important tasks does help. If you are constantly interrupted at work, flexible working, such as working from home, may also be an option for you and your employer as it allows for quiet time to really get things done.

Taking time away from work is just as essential as time management because it keeps you sharp. No one can go at full speed indefinitely. Taking adequate stretches of leave and the odd long weekend is essential to staying energised and focused. When you do take time out, leave work at work, you won’t deliver anything meaningful and reading emails endlessly will prevent you from getting a good break from it.