By Claire West

Business Accountz, the complete accounting software solution for businesses both large and small, has been updated by accounting software company, Accountz. The Business Accountz range, which comprises of Basic, Professional and Enterprise versions, provides businesses and accounting professionals with a complete solution set dependent on business size and need. The entire range provides businesses with a detailed overview of management accounts, allowing you to make the right decisions for your business.

Quentin Pain, chairman and founder of Accountz said: “Companies no matter what the size need to have complete confidence in their balance sheet especially given the state of the economy. We have been working closely with our customers to find out just what new functionality they would like to see in the range and the results can be found in these latest editions.” “However despite the new functionality we have introduced we have remained focused on our core proposition - accountancy software that just works. Whatever platform you work on -whether it is Windows, Mac OSX or Linux - Accountz doesn't discriminate against your choice. Now that's what we call adaptability,” he continued. Business Accountz not only streamlines routine tasks, but also provides thorough analysis when needed. The portfolio is simple to use for routine accounting processes and sophisticated enough to conduct the in-depth analysis required by management.

Designed to keep the books for all types of businesses, Business Accountz enables users to automate the process of keeping their accounts in order. The range runs three separate pieces of software Basic, Professional and Enterprise, all of which are 100% transaction based, rather than forms based which most other software is. The advantage is that you can take all your source documents (e.g. invoices, receipts, bank statements etc) and enter them in one after another in any order directly into a table.

The updates to the software will be rolled out across all the Basic, Professional and Enterprise range, and include:
• Changes to the interface that will allow the user multiple views and more flexible management of the chart of accounts structure

•The ability to select an evaluation in either Basic, Professional or Enterprise, thus allowing users to try out any title in the range and easily select the product most suitable for their needs

•Accountants language configuration, allowing credit and debit columns

•Automatic VAT change which is date sensitive and allows a seamless transition to the new VAT rate coming in on 4th January 2011

•Integration with the Payrollsite application

Business Accountz Basic
Designed to keep the books for all types of business, whether sole-trader, partnership, limited company, VAT or non-VAT registered. Business Accountz Basic makes bookkeeping enjoyable and simple. You can see and edit everything you enter, and using Accountz Rapid Data Entry system, you will do it far more quickly than anything else currently available.

Business Accountz Professional
Business Accountz Professional has all the features of the Basic edition plus full customer tracking. It includes the designer so you can create invoices, estimates, quotations, credit notes and delivery notes using your own logo and other graphics. You have full control over the design including all text, colours, fonts and tables. You can also use it with pre-printed stationery, but one of the beauties of Business Accountz Professional is that you don't need to buy expensive proprietary stationery, just use blank paper!

Business Accountz Enterprise
Business Accountz Enterprise has all the features of the Basic and Professional editions plus full supplier tracking. It adds additional forms including purchase orders. Purchase orders as well as invoices can be left open, edited and added to at any time. Multiple orders and invoices can be created and left open too, so if you invoice monthly, you can keep track of how much work has been done in the current period.

The updates will be available from the middle of November, 2010, with further updates to the Business Accountz range becoming available in early December, 2010. The Business Accountz range, Basic, Professional and Enterprise, are available from www.accountz.com priced at £99.99, £279.99 and £469.99 respectively.