By Nick Leech, Digital Director, 123-reg

As more and more businesses move towards digital marketing and social media, creating a consistent brand is more than simply using the same image repeatedly. The likes of podcasts or YouTube videos are opening up a wealth of new opportunities for businesses, allowing them to attract a new wave of customers by being creative in their marketing. But where do businesses start? What specific advantages can multimedia bring to a brand?

Multimedia marketing can help raise awareness for a company and facilitate new conversations with potential customers. Multimedia platforms allow a business to communicate mass marketing messages on a device of choice — this can be a veritable goldmine of opportunities for small businesses. There are a few simple steps to get started without an IT team:

• Start a Facebook page or join Instagram to share photos with a company’s online community.
• Film a ‘behind-the-scenes’ vblog or video podcast about the business and upload it for free on YouTube.
• Produce an entertaining podcast about the industry pain points.
• Jump on the mobile bandwagon and buy a few display ads that will be shown when potential customers call up a website on their phone.

This is how a company could dip its toes in the multimedia water, the question of why they would want to may still remain. Adding a multimedia strategy offers several advantages to up and coming businesses and can help make a mark in that industry. Firstly, adding multimedia can increase immersion in a website, drawing in viewers and holding their attention for longer as they watch video, flip through pictures or listen to podcasts. Secondly, Forrester Research has indicated that video content can be a major benefit for a business’ SEO strategy. By placing video on a home page, websites stand a 50 percent better chance of appearing on the first page of a Google search. Thirdly, deploying a multimedia strategy can help improve branding. Today’s websites are more elaborate than those of the past, making it difficult to convey a brand’s image without including multimedia to support it. Adding photos, videos, or audio can help distinguish one brand from others and reinforce brand objectives.

Creating a multimedia strategy may seem like a daunting task at first but in reality, it takes just a few minutes to snap a photo or record a few thoughts of the day about the businesses industry. Taking those few minutes each day or an hour once a week to focus on reaching potential new customers digitally can make a huge difference to a brand, website and customer satisfaction.