By Gerard Burke, MD Of Your Business Your Future

Dyslexia is often seen as a barrier to educational progress and future success. Yet, research by Professor Julie Logan, at our partners, Cass Business School, has found the opposite and that dyslexia might actually be the 'secret weapon of successful entrepreneurs and owner managers!

Her findings reveal that entrepreneurs and owner managers are twice as likely to be dyslexic compared to the general population - and that 19% of entrepreneurs are dyslexic compared to only 1% of corporate managers!

Because of their condition, dyslexics learn a number of skills in their early lives which are absolutely fundamental to being successful as an entrepreneur or owner manager

• People with dyslexia tend to develop creative abilities and intuitive decision making skills since they find it difficult to take in large amounts of data in written form

• Dyslexics learn to communicate more effectively in the spoken word which is extremely valuable as an entrepreneur or owner managers in articulating and communicate an inspiring vision of the future

• And, possibly most importantly, dyslexics recognise very early that other people are better are certain important tasks than they are. In order to compensate for the things they find difficult, dyslexics find ways of getting other people to help them. This ability to recognise areas of weakness and delegate is absolutely fundamental to achieving the goal of “working ON the business, as well as in it”.

So, perhaps those with dyslexia are at an advantage compared to the rest of us when starting and growing a business!

And maybe policy makers should be seeking out dyslexics and encouraging them particularly?

You can watch a video interview with Julie on the Cass Talks pages on the Cass City website.

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