By Brian Chernett, Founder, The Academy For Chief Executives

Business building is about sensible investment in the business, its assets and people that leads to growth. Achieving a good return on investment is part of the Chief Executive's key success factors.

Investments can be major or minor and may include large capital projects - a new Headquarters building, for example - product and/or service development, company cars and equipment, training courses for staff. Project proposals cross your desk on a regular basis. Maybe you have a process for handling investment proposals and prioritising those to go ahead.

How much are you investing in YOU? Maybe you have or are planning to have a nice, well furnished office, a PA to organise you, a generous expenses package, a better company car, shiny Blackberry or iPhone. But is that enough? Or is there something missing?

Business today involves constant change and the Chief Executive has to change with it. On appointment, you need to quickly acquire new skills to meet the new challenges of the role. As your service lengthens, the skills needed change and need to be updated and you begin to face further challenges to keep the business growing and thriving. Technology changes what it is possible to do, the market changes what your customers need or want and competition lifts the stakes in delivering your product and service to your market.

Every Chief Executive, no matter their experience and length of service needs training or development in some critical areas, a support network, mentoring to achieve peak performance and challenging to move to the next level. Those who fail to change and develop become vulnerable and risk losing both job and business.

Have you included your own training and development needs in your budgets? If they are fully provided for, congratulations. If not, find them a place and give yourself some priority. Find the money from elsewhere in the package if needed. That car can run another year, or the office can wait for refurbishment.

Invest in your own development and the ROI will be a better business run by a better leader.

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