Retailers in the UK are missing out on the opportunity to recover lost sales by not having a basket abandonment strategy, according to commerce automation specialists Bronto Software.

According to the study, 93% of UK retailers do not send follow-up emails to shoppers who have browsed products online, but do not make a purchase, risking the loss of significant revenue. Even those retailers that are sending product page abandonment emails are taking a softer sales approach than they do when sending similar messages for basket abandonment.

Although the research showed that product page abandoners might choose to compete their order through a different channel or may have questions about an item, none of the retailers surveyed tried to transition shoppers from the website to their preferred channel by providing customer service contact information or the address of the nearest store.

Just 8% of follow-up emails mentioned the abandoned product in the subject line, and 75% of the emails didn't make any reference to the specific product, instead referencing generic subject lines like 'Are you still interest in this product?'

Only one in six (17%) of these reminder messages included related products. Half (50%) of mesages sent by US retailers, on the other hand, did contain alternative suggestions.

Georges Berzgal, managing director of Bronto Software Europe, said: "Shoppers have come to expect shopping basket reminders from UK retailers, but product page abandonment messages are clearly still a lesser-used strategy. One reason might be that retailers are hesitant as they conider this approach as too aggressive. It also can be challenging for retailers to know why a shopper left a product page. If implemented correctly, post abandonment messages offer a highly effective means to generate additional revenue.

"With 93% of retailers not sending product page reminders at all, commerce marketers need to adjust their tactics surrounding surrounding this pivotal moment to facilitate the transition or risk losing sales. Abandonment follow-up proves to be an effective strategy in a retailer's marketing toolbox. Commerce marketing platforms make these types of automated messages easier than it has ever been. Marketers no longer have to spend significant time and resources to set up the programme. The message can also be tested and modified easily to ensure they reach their maximum revenue recovery potential."