By Claire West

As 2010 marks the 90th anniversary that women were officially allowed to be admitted as members of Oxford University, international thought leadership strategist Mindy Gibbins-Klein is concerned that women are still hugely under-represented when it comes to modern day Thought-Leaders.

Oxford University is regarded as one of the world’s leading academic institutions and has opened its doors to both female and male students officially since 1920. Ever since then, all sorts of men have made it to top positions and are known as some of the greatest thought leaders of all time. But it is a fact which has caused Ms. Gibbins-Klein to ask a simple but poignant question; where are all the women?

Having helped over 300 people to write and publish their books, many of whom were women, Mindy Gibbins-Klein said: “I recently carried out a study looking at how women are perceived when it comes to Thought Leadership and it created some very interesting results. It seems that people talk about thought leaders but very rarely do any women come to mind. This is something that needs to change as we are desperately short of female thought leaders in this country.”

Ms Gibbins-Klein, who was a finalist at the FSB awards 2010 and will be addressing these issues at the Women as Leaders Conference at the IOD on 2nd November. The Author of 24 Carat BOLD, Ecademy Press, will explain how to conquer thought leadership the REAL way — through Reach, Engagement, Authority and Longevity. She will also be revealing more of the results of her findings from her research into Thought Leadership and Women.

“In an age where women are supposed to be fairly represented with men, I was keen to find out is it culture, nature or something else that keep men in positions of power and women out? Reports suggest it is going to take 60 years for women to catch up with men to compete for the top jobs and one of the world’s recognised best universities has been educating women to such a high standard for the last 90 years. There must be more female Thought Leaders out there and it is my aim to help them bring their knowledge and wisdom to the world in 2011,” says Ms. Gibbins-Klein.