By Dani Meme, Personal Assistant at WarehouseDating.com

Personal Assistants are there to support the work of managers, company directors and who they are employed by to undertake a variety of tasks that the manager would normally partake in to help the business. A personal assistant is required to do any task that the managers requires, whether personal or professional. You will also find Personal Assistants often act as the manager's first point of contact. Personal Assistants can be flexible to adapt to your style of work. It’s up to you to mold your PA into perfection. See below a Personal Assistants duties and attributes that will help your piece of mind, keeping your business successful.

1. Admin- Administrative office work is usually part of a Personal Assistant's job. They will keep the office organized & functioning productively assuring that all the staff have everything they need to fulfill their job roles to full potential.

2. Organisation- These task include preparing correspondence, filing, stocking up office supplies. Additionally, the Personal Assistant will arrange meetings & secure the location for the meetings, also preparing material needed.

3. Communication- We all know how much time is used in the day answering the phone that persistently rings and the inbox which seems to be never ending. It your Personal Assistants responsibility to give you the peace and quiet you need by answering the phones and monitoring your inbox.

4. The Doorkeeper- Personal Assistants often manage all sources of communication for the boss acting as doorkeeper. The only people that get hold of you are the people that will benefit your business and not waste your precious time.

5. Producing- A Personal Assistants tasks such as producing documents, briefing papers, reports and presentations is vital. You have no time on your hands so why worry about the presentation due the next day? The business needs you to stay focused so let your personal assistant to complete it.

6. Travel Arrangements- The task of arranging airline flights, hotel rooms and rental cars is often left to a Personal Assistant and take the unnecessary stress off your shoulders. It is their aim to make sure the trip goes smoothly which includes understanding your needs and expectations, such as travel preferences.

7. Responsibility- The stress doesn’t have to be all on your shoulders. You have a Personal Assistant for a reason. They are there to assure the work place and company are running efficiently. Delegate the jobs such as looking over accounts and budgets, you’ve got better things to be looking into. It’s up to your Personal Assistant to take over your responsibilities.

8. Involved- You’re not just a one man band, you have your exec team that can help input with making vital decisions. Your relationship with your Personal Assistant can help you see the other side to things. It’s always best to have a fresh pair of eyes.

9. Understanding- A Personal Assistant is the eyes and ears of their boss. The ability to listen and to communicate with an across the organisation is a key skill that should be encouraged and learned to fulfill the job role. You need to direct the company and leave your exec team to motivate the staff and deal with issues amongst the team.