An astonishing 85% of workers have admitted to filing dodgy expenses claims, according to webexpenses.

Five per cent even admitted to over-claiming every time they claim300 expenses. And a further 10% said they had considered hiking their claims but had never done so.

Despite confessions of their own dishonest behaviour, the research also found a third of employees felt politicians were the worst at over-claiming on their expenses. In addition, when it comes to how much people actually over-claim, the research found that in the past 12 months, a quarter of employees (25%) admit to claiming a figure of over £250, with 22% over-claiming between £50-£100, and one in five (20%) owning-up to over-claiming between £10-£50.

Research respondents confessed that the top reasons for over-claiming on expenses were: people believing everyone else in their organisation does it and therefore they should do the same (22%); not feeling they are paid enough and their company owes them more money (17%); admitting they did so as it was easy to get away with (12%).

Adam Reynolds, CEO of webexpenses, said: “It’s clear from the research that there are far too many people over claiming on expenses in the UK workplace — people we call expenses devils. When presented with the opportunity to over-claim and get away with it, some people will, unsurprisingly, choose the dishonest option.

"In fact, one respondent to our research even admitted to over-claiming by more than £4,000. What’s more the research also shows that having a small group of expenses devils in the work place, can encourage others to follow similar behaviour when it comes to expense claims."