By Ian Mackenzie, Peldon Rose Project Director

Office interior design has a significant impact on team morale. From simple changes such as colour or scent through to wider practical adjustments, there are a number of opportunities for improvement.

If you are aiming to enhance staff satisfaction and productivity, here at London based office design and build company, Peldon Rose, we have put together eight top tips that will make a drastic improvement to your office environment;

1. Ergonomics

Ergonomics is all about creating an environment that is as conducive to productivity as possible, from the right choice of furniture to the height of a desk. Just five minutes spent adjusting an uncomfortable chair or re-positioning a computer screen can have a dramatic effect on how we feel and how we work.

2. De-cluttering your desk

Researchers from Princeton University discovered that clutter can increase stress and decrease performance. Having a tidy up and a clearing out can make it easier to focus.

3. Add a splash of colour

According to colour psychologists, blue stimulates minds, whilst yellow increases creativity. Red affects bodies and green creates calm. Consider adding splashes of colour in areas relevant to specific work.

4. Be at one with nature

Several studies have shown that having plants in the office can increase cognitive attention and boost productivity!

5. Let there be light

It is so widely accepted that natural light is important in the working environment that workers in many European countries must be sitting within 27 feet of a window. This is because studies such as Franta and Anstead 1994 have shown that this mitigates ailments such as eye strain, SAD and headaches, whilst boosting creativity, energy and productivity.

6. Agile working space

Simply ensuring Wi-Fi reception in all areas of the office can mean that staff do not feel confined to their desk space and can benefit from the productivity boost offered by agile working.

7. Office Scent

Research from the Takasago Corporation in Japan into the effects of smell on typing accuracy revealed that 54% of people made fewer mistakes when they smelled lemon, 33% made fewer if they could smell jasmine and 20% made less with lavender. Ensuring the office air smells good may be well worth the effort.

8. Turn down the temperature

Research has revealed that almost half of people suffer reduced productivity if temperatures exceed 25 degrees and an overly cold office is no better. Temperature control is not that difficult to implement but it could have a really cool effect on staff performance.