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Last year, The Telegraph reported the record number of new companies launched in 2015, citing the Government’s StartUP Britain campaign as the catalyst for this influx of new and emerging small businesses. Throughout the year, some 600,000 SMEs took their first steps into the world of self-employment and business ownership, with the Prime Minister championing this band of millennial entrepreneurs as crucial for the UK’s on-going economic recovery.

Given the astronomic rise in the number of would-be tycoons seizing their chance to launch a new business, surely now is as good a time as any to take the plunge yourself and do what you’ve always dreamt of doing? With more support available, and a greater market in which to pander your wares, 2016 could — nay, should — be the year in which you join the 600,000 and start your very own business.

For those on the brink of becoming one of the aforementioned start-ups, here are 8 items every business leader needs in their swanky new office.

Ergonomic desks & chairs

Even before you’ve recruited your first employee, it’s important to have a desk and chair setup that’s comfortable and ergonomic enough to sit at for a large chunk of the day. If you’re struggling to find the capital to invest in your dream desk or office chair, Gumtree has a range of second hand office furniture and equipment that’ll do the job for the time being.

A comfortable meeting area

While there’s much speculation that modern businesses have too many meetings, the truth is even the smallest start-ups will need to host a corporate get-together at one time or another, either internally or whilst trying to wow prospective clients. So, with this in mind, make sure your office has a comfortable meeting area.

Large windows or quality interior lighting

As this article examines, the quality of lighting within an interior office space can have a huge impact on productivity levels, with ample natural light accounting for a 50% rise in workplace output in some instances. If possible, open up windows to allow as much natural light into the space as possible, or else invest in high quality fluorescent ceiling lighting.

A wireless printer

Printer experts, TonerGiant, believe the trick to a more productive and fluid office rests with a wireless printer. They said: “A wireless printer allows all staff members to connect and print from the machine no matter where they are, affording complete flexibility. What’s more, many wireless printers offer all-in-one print, copy and scan functionality, so you can get everything done at the touch of a button.”

Air conditioning

Despite one columnist’s best efforts to argue that air conditioning is sexist, good air quality is vital to any workspace, and is known to improve productivity, mood and overall morale. If investing in an expensive air conditioning system sounds like too much of a heavy investment for your start-up, choose a serviced office which comes with inbuilt air conditioning as standard.


Of course no one wants to pay over the odds for real estate you’re not going to use, but choosing an office with ample space is important for health, wellbeing and streamlined day-to-day office management. A small office might save you a few bob, but like any successful business, you need room to grow.

A welcoming visitors area

It’s all well and good working among chaos when first starting your own business, but the time will come when you have visitors at the door. Given the importance of first impressions in the world of business dealings, make sure your visitor area is welcoming and comfortable, with ample seating and privacy for all guests. For some entranceway inspiration, check out this selection of amazing receptions, lobbies and foyers.

Telephone line

A telephone line? What’s one of those? Despite the world becoming ever more digital, there’s still a place for the humble telephone within a contemporary office environment. In fact, a shedload of business is still conducted by phone, so you’d be a fool to omit a line from your office. Plus, you’ll need one to connect up your WiFi, so you should definitely get one, obviously.

By Scott Beaman, Content Marketing Manager, Banc Media