As a business owner, the company’s expenditures are your expenditures. So it is in your best interests to save money wherever possible when consuming energy. There are a number of simple steps you can take to create a more energy-efficient workplace and positive habits you can promote among your employees to save you money.

Energy efficient lighting

We have come a long way since Thomas Edison. New energy-saving light bulbs and LED lights can make big savings.

There is more to lighting than just the bulbs. You also have to look at the light fixtures. This involves relamping / reballasting existing light fixtures, upgrading to energy-efficient fixtures, adding timers and sensors and exploring options for placement of the fixtures to ensure coverage without excess.

Unplug those appliances

Did you know that just one PC and monitor can cost more than £50 every year if left switched on around the clock? Appliances drain energy even when not in use, so keep them unplugged if they are not used often. The ubiquitous phone charger is still pulling power even when not charging. Also keep appliances such as television off stand-by mode. It may be convenient, but it’s an unnecessary convenience you pay for through your energy bills. So ditch your screen saver and ask staff to use the power-down settings on their PCs or entirely switch off monitors at the end of each day!

Degrees make the difference

Lowering your thermostat by just one degree can save up to 10% on the annual energy costs. This one degree makes a big difference financially, but the employees will hardly notice the difference in temperature. The same goes for the summer, try opening windows instead of turning to air conditioning to naturally cool and ventilate the office – your employee’s health with benefit too!

Seal it up

The bulk of energy costs goes to keeping the air warm, especially during the winter months. All this energy can go to waste with a window or door left open. Other sources of heat loss are cracks and spaces in walls or surrounding the window frame. So it is important to keeps doors and windows shut and to draught-proof the windows to keep the warm air in and the cold air out.

Check your taps

A dripping tap is not only a nuisance but also a potential energy waster if the hot water tap is the culprit. Employees should be aware of leaking taps and bring them to the attention of the relevant parties to get the washers replaced.

Keep up the heat

Many businesses are closed during holiday season and many well-intentioned businesses turn the heating off to save money. If the weather is too cold this, can prove costly should the pipes freeze and burst. In these conditions, it is best to keep a low heat on or set a timer to keep up the heat and save the pipes.

Making the big changes

Most of these tips are inexpensive to implement or just good habits. However, sometimes you need to do more when major systems need to be replaced, such as your boiler or heating pumps. If it is time to make dramatic changes, take advantage of the modern energy-efficient models. It is advisable to consult a heating contractor to help you choose and install the right system for your needs.

Whether you want your business to go green or just save money, these tips will take you there in 2016!

By Tom Corkhill, Head of Ecommerce, Anchor Pumps