By Clinton Reabow, Business Development Manager, WarehouseDating.com

What is a Probation Period?

Essentially, it is a safety net for employers after the recruitment stage is complete. The probation period is a mutually agreed duration of time anywhere between one and six months in which your ability to meet certain criteria, it would be to show the potential you showed in your interview. After a review, if you have not lived up to your potential to meet these standards within that period it can lead to an employer dismissing an employee without fear of unfair dismissal claims and employment tribunals.

Is Probation Good for an Employee?

Yes. Probation periods work both ways. Both employer and employee have the right to break free from this agreement within this specified time frame. It can offer unhappy employees the opportunity to leave without worrying about giving lengthy notice periods. Probation is typically a time in which lots of invaluable support and tuition is given to you so that you are able to meet career objectives. Probation can be a brilliant chance to add to your skillset so treat it as an opportunity to grow, don’t be afraid of it.

6 Things new employee’ s can teach us about the probationary period:

AMBITION: We will have a high level of ambition to succeed in our new company as you have taken a certain amount of risk in taking us on, so we will want to prove to you that the correct decision was made by you and the company.

INTERESTED: We will ask as many questions as we can so that we understand your company and the procedures that will make us and your team a success.

REQUIREMENTS: We want to find out what it is exactly that you want from us and make sure we achieve everything with high standards and perfection.

HARD WORKING: We will be one of the 1st in and last to leave, we want to impress with our work ethic, have ideas on ways to improve things or just ways of trying new things out and find suitable solutions.

CULTURE: Creating the culture is very important as it sets the precedent about the company and the employee’s that work for it and that everybody knows what to expect from each other.

PROBATION PERIOD: Both parties would agree that a probation period is a good idea, as either party might decide that the arrangement is not working out as planned.

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