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Fifty British businesses have joined forces to portray the benefit of allowing their staff to work flexibly and to encourage other companies to get on board with this modern way of working.

The businesses have joined the Smarter Working Initiative, a new scheme launched by conference call provider Powwownow to help improve business results by changing how people work.

Research has shown that both productivity and motivation increases when people can choose the way they work, rather than being stuck in the office working 9-5, with 62% of UK office workers starting that they would be more productive if they could spend time outside of the office.

Additionally, it has been proven that smarter working can help improve work culture with 70% of British workers stating that the option to work flexibly would improve their relationships with their colleagues.

The Smarter Working Initiative aims to showcase the benefits of smarter working to both businesses and employees through real-life examples, and support companies willing to take the leap and change the old fashioned way they currently work.

On 25 July, the 50 British companies signed up to the Initiative will allow their workforce to work flexibly as an illustration of the benefits this working pattern provides.

Jason Downes, managing director at Powwownow, said: "It is clear that flexible working has a lot to offer to both employers and employees. Having the right work-life balance has become a crucial requirement of a happy workforce and the office-based 9-5 routine is old, outdated and unproductive.

“If businesses want to attract and retain top talent, they need to understand that flexible working is a highly important element for doing so and that with the technology available, it is extremely easy to implement. The government has recognised this by changing the law, it’s time for more business leaders to recognise its benefits too.”