By Daniel Woolmer, WarehouseDating.com

Facebook is one of the biggest online networking services with over 1 billion active users, which is why it’s the perfect platform to connect with the world, show what you have to offer and excel your business. Used in the correct way with the right visual influences you will be able to build a following, make a big statement about what you have to offer and create a media impact. Networking is key in all industries nowadays to keep your business fresh, up to date and progressive. So here are 5 of the top ways I discovered so you can make your Facebook page POP for the world to see.

Branding, Imagery and look

The first impression is key to making a statement to bringing the right attention you will need for your page. First thing that people will see is the profile picture so make sure it represents what you are promoting or selling and be sure you’re header or banner cover picture will also complement the profile picture. Using your company colours will link it with your brand and add your logo in the corner so it shouts out your company name and what you stand for.

Linking your page to your Website

With all your followers and the traffic that will pass through your page you need them to visit your main website to drives your custom then in turn your business. All pictures and posts should have a comment with your website URL at the end to make it easy and effective to access. Another top tip is to use the call to action function, it is a button that will appear on your cover picture, and you can tailor it so people can sign up straight away, go to a link and even see a company video.

Driving follower numbers

Increasing engagement is the key to making your followers grow. To do this get people excited and create a buzz with competitions, pictures and links. The most powerful tool on Facebook is the people who are liking and sharing your page, it will spread what you are doing across the network of cyber space, so don’t be afraid of it, use it to the max.

Feeding your online page

You need to feed your page and keep it alive. I have found the best way to this and bring it to life when you don’t have the time is to use tool called Postradamus. You can set up a schedule, comment to go with the picture, add however many pictures and links that you want to go out over a curtain amount of time, a great time saver for the working world.

Yes its business but make it fun

Don’t get caught in the trap of boring, no one wants that. As a world we have become very visually stimulated so play on it, be fun and let your creative juices flow. People want to see new and exciting things and don’t go for gold, go for platinum.