By Sarah Adams, Kommando,

Experiential marketing can benefit your business by making a huge impact on the overall outcome of your campaign.
Compared to other marketing methods, these types of campaigns are more visually appealing and can draw more interest by capturing the attention of the public and the media.

Using creativity and imagination, these campaigns take an idea and transform it into a more exciting display, which can project your message or statement further than the average marketing campaign.

There are loads of ways to take experiential marketing and make it work for your business. As a starting point, here are five ways it can benefit your business:

Turn it into a celebration
Is something new occurring within your business? Are you opening a new store? Updating a menu, or offering a new product? Turn this new factor into a celebration to create buzz, get people talking and most importantly generate interest.

For example, when leading beauty and cosmetics store Superdrug was opening another store on Kensington High Street, experienced marketing company Kommando launched an exciting new campaign to draw attention to the opening.
Overnight, they transformed the high street, placing large items that you’d usually find in ladies’ handbags such as tweezers, lip stick, eye shadows and nail files.

This generated a lot of interested and resulted in a 60 per cent increase on expected footfall, and 45 per cent of this footfall was driven into the store because of the promotional activity outside. You can find out more information about this particular campaign and the associated images here at Kommando.

Team up
A great way to make your business more visible is to team up with another business and create a unique marketing campaign.

For example, Lush Cosmetics and Humane Society International joined forces and put on a visual display in one of Lush’s store windows in London. The campaign showed what animals are subjected to in the beauty and cosmetics industry and the aim of the campaign was to get people to sign a petition against animal cruelty.

The extremely graphic display gained a huge response from both the public and the media; you can see the painful images here on the Daily Mail’s website. This experiential campaign certainly created a statement, which paid off greatly: according to PHA Media, the shock factor resulted in over 200,000 people signing the petition.

Engaging with consumers can benefit your business as it adds personality to your brand. Interacting with customers face to face is also a great way to get feedback that can potentially improve your business.

You can do this by setting up a stand in a busy shopping centre. If you have a product you want to be reviewed, simply give it out as a freebie and get people to either submit feedback online, or create a hashtag and get people to tweet their opinions about it.

This will enable you to receive the feedback you want as well as build up a conversation about your product online.

Get involved
There could be loads of opportunities for experiential marketing within your local area. Get involved with fairs, sporting events, children’s events and even outdoor barbecues: the more local events you get involved with, the more people will remember you.

Over time, the events will grow and so will your marketing skills, meaning that your custom will increase within the local area.

Use digital
Plenty of businesses are now going online and while experiential marketing works better face to face, the internet is transforming the way we interact with each other. Creating videos, a blog and interactive forums are great ways to inject some personality and energy into your business. Consumers can use these as resources and take away what you’ve placed online and apply it wherever they want.