IntLive Social Media

Social offers a unique way to bolster your audience and increase support in the run up to, during and after your event.


Your aim is to build an online following that will convert into attendees, so try to identify users that are likely to be interested in the event, then track dialogue that develops off the back of the leads you are creating.

Formulate a suitable hashtag and stick to it, using it in association with all outgoing social material.


Hashtags and handles will be essential on the day of the event, giving you the power to easily communicate programme updates and maintain the online dialogue around all that goes on. For organisers, Hootsuite is a great for scheduling tweets and posting the same material on a variety of channels.

Encourage attendees to tweet and chat about the event as it plays out, invite questions and stoke debate.


The follow up to all events is crucial. Try to accrue as much feedback as possible and invest this into planning for the next event. Most importantly, let your attendees know they are valued by getting in touch with them personally and simply thanking them for taking part.

While technology has revolutionised how events are promoted, it’s important to recognise that the practices involved are constantly evolving; teams and individuals that consciously adapt, learn new skills and stay agile will get ahead.

As the world increasingly embraces social media, brands are challenged to maintain as much personality as possible, to keep dialogue authentic and project as human a face as possible to maximise trust and engagement among the consumer audience.

By Stephen White, Amplified Business Content

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