By Book the Slot

A business can not survive without loyalty. A company can chase new customers to ensure it stays afloat but this can often be time consuming and will eventually result in there being little or no resource left to pull from.

Repeat business and loyalty from clients is golden. It makes both yours and your clients' lives much more easy and is a far more enjoyable way to live your working life.

There's are many tools at your disposal to allow you to secure repeat bookings, meaning that your business has a strong foundation of loyal clients, freeing you up to focus on obtaining new business whilst maintaining these special relationships.

TIP #1
If you think about it ­ with so much choice out there ­ why is it you return to a certain restaurant, bar or shop? More often than not it's the service and atmosphere the combination of venue and service gives you.

Ensuring your practice and place of work has a welcoming, warm and friendly environment is guaranteed to bring a return visit. Remember that your client has chosen to spend their money with you. You should make sure they know how much you value and appreciate that. Smile, remember their name and always go the extra mile.

TIP #2
Never get complacent! Your successful because you've tried hard and your competition is watching you! Thinking of fresh new ideas and innovative ways to ensure your clients stay interested is a perfect way to keep them coming back.

Stagnant businesses with an 'if it ain't broke...' mentality are quickly overtaken by new upstarts eager to overtake you and be the best in the category. Stay on your toes and your customers will join you on the journey.

TIP #3
Loyalty should be rewarded. There's hardly a business out there without a rewards scheme of some sort. A coffee shop will give you your tenth latte free once you've bought the first nine. Harrods gives you a free magazine and free parking once you've spent a certain amount with them.

Think of a way you can retain your customers business. What is it that you offer that no one else does, and what is it that you customers want that you’re able to reward them with? Keep a track of your most loyal customers and treat them if you can.

TIP #4
It's a busy old world out there. We can be thinking about something one minute and completely forget about it the next. Work commitments, home life, the gym, our friends ­ all these things can quickly distract us
from what we need to be doing.

At the end of one meeting why not book the next one the and there. Not only does this mean you've secured continued business but it also saves your client the hassle of having to find time to arrange it themselves!

TIP #5
Special events are a great way to let existing clients know about a new service or just to bring everyone together to say a big thank you.

By creating a customer database, you can easily contact your entire customer list with targeted marketing via texts and email. Why not invite them to join you so they can learn more about your business and whilst you have their attention, plot in that next appointment so they get the full benefit of what you have to offer?