Image: HBO Image: HBO

Okay, maybe not entirely like Jon Snow - otherwise your staff might turn on you, and that young apprentice you took under your wing a few months ago will STAB YOU IN THE STOMACH 'for the company'. *Wipes tears away*. Sorry, it still hurts!

Jon Snow may not know much, but he doesn’t have to in order to be ready for anything. Not many people in the Seven Kingdoms are as crisis-ready as Jon Snow, who not only forged a seemingly impossible alliance with the Free Folk, but defended Castle Black in epic fashion, not to mention killed a White Walker.

Jon Snow teaches us to always be prepared and to think outside the box. Convention is OK when we’re doing accounting, but not in the dynamic world of PR. Remember, in the PR world, nothing is impossible. There’s no limit as to how far your brand can grow. You just need a heart of a Snow and a deep desire to do good. Learn from Jon Snow!

By Charli Day, writer and content manager