With the rising cost of business’ gas and electricity bills, the impact that your energy consumption has on your commercial property can prove to result in expensive overheads.

Sole traders, small businesses and larger corporations can benefit from reduced energy bills but it doesn’t have to be a lengthy, complicated process when thinking about optimising your utilities.

Although the financial impact that reducing your commercial energy bills can have on your business is one of the best rewards your business can experience, the positive impact that you can have by reducing your energy consumption can benefit the environment and start off your journey becoming an energy efficient business.

We share 4 simple ways that you can reduce your business gas bills today, helping you to achieve substantial savings:


Your property will be no stranger to draughts but sadly, they’re one of the most energy-draining factors that your commercial building faces.

Ensuring that doors and windows are closed when heating is being generated can have substantial impacts on your consumption; lowering the price you will need to pay for your utilities and power supply.

Door seals and draught excluders are a great way to prevent your heating from being wasted, as well as utilising the classic door snake – a handy tool that can be purchased from as little as £10.

Loft insulation

It’s not just your residential property that can benefit from having roof insulation; thoroughly insulating your building can have notable effects on your business’ energy bills.

The expensive task of fitting loft insulation within your property can be seen as a put-off – especially for small businesses and startups – but the amount you can save over the period of as little as two years can make it worthwhile.

Checking your loft has been insulated is simple but the most suitable option depends on the access and joist position. The best way to go about this is to contact a local tradesman and ask for advice tailored to your own space.

Making your property more energy efficient could shave hundreds off your overheads and according to the Energy Savings Trust, insulating your loft alone can save up to £175 per year in a residential building. With the bigger space to cover on your business’ grounds, those savings have the potential to hit the roof – literally!

LED Lighting

Installing movement-activated lights in areas that are used infrequently is an excellent way to ensure that extra energy is not being consumed to power constant lighting.

LED lighting can come readily-installed with motion sensors or timers to only be activated when movement is detected. This means that the power used to generate electricity to activate the lights is only used momentarily and minimises energy wastage.

Switch energy providers

Cutting the cost of your business gas bills can not only be done by following these simple tips, but switching business energy providers can help you to enjoy efficient energy sources that have positive effects on your overheads.

Fracking, gas exports and the availability of materials all have an influence on the price your business energy provider is charging, whereas your energy consumption has a direct impact on the price your business will pay.

Learning how to switch business energy providers can help you to recognise whether you’re paying over the odds for your gas and electricity bills whilst shopping around for other providers can help you to see what’s on offer.

By Sam Allcock, Owner, Business Gas