The correlation between fitness and success has been proven time and time again. CEO’s of the world’s leading companies nearly always have a personal trainer and a fitness regime that won’t be compromised. From waking-up early when the rest of us are still in bed, to squeezing in a thirty-minute energy boosting lunchtime session, world and company leaders know that they need to stay in shape if they want the energy to cope with the up’s and down’s of their career. If you lack the motivation to exercise, but are career driven, then this article may give you the push that you need to get started.

We are all motivated by different things, so whether it is your physical shape or your finances that prompt you to action, we think that both of these reasons are just as worthy. In today’s health-obsessed world, there are no excuses not to invest time in your body & fitness.

Read on for our top four reasons why you should keep fit and healthy if you want to succeed at work:

  1. Confidence is one of the most important attributes that a leader possesses. We want to look and feel our best around our colleagues and quite often we have a business front that we wear like armour to hide our vulnerabilities in the workplace. Being in great physical shape and power dressing is a fantastic way to exude confidence, which is incredibly self-prophesising. If it looks as if you take care of your self-image, others will trust you to take care of their business. It is important to remember that people form assumptions within a few seconds of meeting you. In a recent study by the University of Georgia, 75% of executives interviewed believed that being overweight was a ‘serious career impediment’.
  2. Staying focused in the workplace is not always the easiest task. When you have only a day to turn around a project it is important not to get side-tracked and lose hope. Fitness training is a fantastic way to sharpen the mind and boost productivity by stimulating your nervous system. It will also help you to fight stress, which can be a major obstacle to achieving your end goal, thus taking your day from bad to good in no time.
  3. Fewer sick days are something that all of us strive for. It is a clear no-brainer that you definitely won’t be your boss’s favourite employee if you are ‘the one that is always calling in sick’. On the days that you aren’t feeling your best, you can be sure that someone else in the office is picking up the slack and enjoying the opportunity to shine in your absence. Staying active and healthy will boost your immune system and give you a much better chance at reducing your levels of absenteeism.
  4. Having the energy to work longer days, make longer commutes, and take on more responsibility in today’s relentless email age is not easy. At a time when the world seems to keep moving faster, you need to make sure that you can keep up, otherwise you will most certainly get left behind. Working out is one of the best tools at your disposal to fight lethargy and keep pace with all of work’s challenges.

By Laura King, Fitness & Nutrition Advisor at MotivatePT