As the nation’s workplaces transform from the drab awkwardness of The Office to the fluffy furnishings and thinking of W1A, it can be easy to overlook concerns about workplace wellbeing as the latest management fad.

But time and again, leading companies prove that investing in a positive and motivational work environment can prove hugely beneficial to mood, productivity and, eventually, profit.

The best way to bring about improved workplace wellness is to focus on key areas for change - creating simple, actionable policies that can have an immediate impact on the day-to-day feel of your work environment.

  1. Decluttering
Encouraging order and an ergonomic approach to workspaces is not an unreasonable policy - it’s an extremely sensible one. For both the business and the individual, the intelligent management of space is a key enabler for improved productivity and cross-team relations. A cluttered workspace can cut motivation in half and reduce productivity by up to 77% - this nifty infographic goes into more detail about the broad ramifications of workplace clutter.

Regularly carve thirty minutes to an hour out of your team’s calendars to sort and simplify - it may be the most valuable hour of your working week.

  1. Promoting wellbeing
It’s not all about weightlifting and running 10k on a Sunday - wellbeing means different things to different people. Exercise can be a great breath of fresh air after a stressful day. Subsidised gym membership is a popular workplace benefit these days, but the gym isn’t for everyone. The challenge of gymtimidation can deter many, but more importantly, there are many different forms of wellness that can prove just as valuable in the workplace.

Meditation can be equally daunting for some, but simple apps like Headspace are a fantastic way to simplify and de-stigmatise self care and demonstrate the value of mindfulness.

  1. Getting out of the office
A change is as good as a rest, or so the saying goes. If your team has been working hard but are showing signs of fatigue, consider a change of scene for a day out of the office.

A day doing something unusual, with a few relevant workshops here and there just to keep things work-orientated, can really blow out the cobwebs and get the team talking and thinking. Whether it’s a day at the seaside, or even skating and trampolining at a purpose-built adventure centre, the unexpected can be a great way to unlock potential in your team.

  1. Building a social structure
And that doesn’t just mean the occasional pub visit - although that should be encouraged too. Whether it’s a book club, knitting circle, five-a-side team or even regular catch-up lunches, getting people away from their desks and connecting outside of their usual patterns of activity is a fantastic stress-buster and a great way for people to clarify and balance their workloads more effectively.

By Jamie Ross, Project Manager for Better Extreme