Just under a third (30%) of workers in the UK have witnessed or experience racial abuse in the past year, according to a new study.

Charity Business in the Community surveyed 24,000 UK workers and found that in addition to the number of people seeing racial abuse in the workplace, just 55% of black, Asian and minority employees (BAME) feel like a value member of staff. In comparison, nearly three quarters (71%) of white employees feel valued.

However, 65% of ethnic minority workers do enjoy working for their organisation, compared to 61% of white employees.

The charity is now calling on MPs to change the definition of diversity to include race. And it wants the UK Corporate Governance Code changed to better protect ethnic minority workers.

Speaking to the BBC, a 26-year old Muslim man said: "I got called a dirty Muslim just for using a piece of equipment and that person didn't want to use that equipment because I'd used it.

"He said that to another colleague and that colleague actually reported it on behalf of me without me knowing.

"It all went upstairs [to the bosses] and basically the person who actually said that comment got away with it because they took his word [over] the person he said it in front of."