When attending a business exhibition it is important to make sure that you have an exhibition stand that catches the attention of potential customers.

A memorable exhibition stand will not only attract customers and make you more approachable; it can also leave a lasting impression. But it can be difficult to know exactly what your stand should look like or how you should go about designing one.

That’s why we have come up with 3 simple steps to help you create a memorable exhibition stand that is sure to grab the attention of potential customers.

  • Less is often more
One thing that is important to remember is not to clutter your stand with unnecessary information or graphics. It can often be a problem that you don’t have a large amount of space at the exhibition so you try to get everything across in a limited area. But it’s important not to cram too much information into your display as this can put people off actually reading it.

It’s better to be clear and decisive about your business with things like short phrases to help sell your brand. By using the key factors you can make sure that people are fully aware of your business and what they can expect from you.

  • Focus on key benefits
In your pitch you should make sure that you cover the key benefits to your business and outline exactly why the potential customer should choose your company over a competitor. It is important that you make this clear to potential customers and don’t bore them with lots of background information about your company. If you don’t make it clear what your company’s aims are then you could risk losing their interest. Someone is much more likely to engage with you and be interested in what you have to offer if they know exactly what to expect.
  • Reinforce your brand and be consistent
After making your services and products clear, it is vital that this is reinforced in your promotional material. Consistency is the key as you are not only looking to sell your services, but to build a trustworthy image of your company to potential loyal customers.

One of the best ways to do this is by making sure that your pitch is consistent throughout. This includes making sure that any of the material included on your stand, such as leaflets and flyers, are up to date. If something is out of place or it doesn’t match what you are telling potential customers, then it can make people question their confidence in your company and make you seem unreliable.

These simple steps will help you create a memorable exhibition stand that appeals to customers and really sells your brand. It may take time and a lot of preparation to get these aspects right, but if you succeed, it will make your time at the exhibition a lot easier and allow you to get the most out of your time there.

By Minda Jonuskis, Director of MJ Exhibitions