By Mark Shaw

I totally accept and agree that Twitter should be social, and be fun, however It can represent another opportunity to attract new clients, new customers, new suppliers, new people to collaborate with and so on. But having a consistent approach to Twitter does take time, energy and resource.

Watch a video of Mark talking about the 3 questions every business should ask before it joins Twitter


So the very first 3 questions that every busineess should ask before joining Twitter are as follows:-

Why am I joining Twitter?

This may seem an obvious question, but so many businesses simply dont have a clue why they are on Twitter in the first place. They have simply signed up, got an account, and then what..... just left it... I cant stress this enough... Nothing will happen on Twitter just by having an account. You have to dedicate time, effort and resources to the account to really benefit... Also, what is important is to define what the account is all about...

Is it a customer care / customer services type of account? are you there to answer your customers complaints and enquiries? Is the account to find new suppliers, to simply gain more visibility for your business? Or to get more people to raise funds for your charity? It may be all the above.... But it is essential that you identify why you are on Twitter...

Who will do the stuff?

I have already mentioned it, but just having a Twitter account will get you nowhere.. It needs regular activity, regular engagement, and new content on a daily basis. I advise clients that they should be thinking of at least 20 - 30 mins per day as a minimum. Also picking the right member of staff is crucial. This is not a technical role. This is a customer care type role. So find people in your business that are madly passionate about your business, they are the one that should be doing your Twitter account.

What is Success?

Finally, think about what is success on Twitter for your Business? and how will you measure it? So, is it actually selling more products, is it receiving less calls into your call centre? is it having more people run in the London marathon for your charity? define what success is.... Then put into place metrics to measure it... So website traffic analytics, promo codes to monitor sales directly from Twitter, and so on....

The key here, is that without doubt Twitter will need resource. And for a small business that resource usually has to be taken from doing something else... So ask those 3 questions, get the right people, train them to be effective with their time, and then put into place metrics to measure success.

So that in 3 months time, you can then sit down with your boss, and actually reel off some meaningful results that they will be proud of, and that will highlight why you needed to get on Twitter.

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