Maybe you are unsure as to what niche your firm caters to, or you need guidance on what strategy you have to develop to get your content marketing campaign sharp enough to cut through the noise and make a real impact.

While there’s no silver bullet or one-size-fits-all approach to help you, there are companies out there that are doing it right, getting content right and reaping the very real rewards that you know exist but never knew quite how to grasp.

The following companies aren’t just getting content marketing nailed, but they’re using content with flair, innovation and ingenuity that has developed a real respect for them throughout the marketing industry. Learn and be inspired!

Buffer Open

Being promised the moon on a stick by companies is all very well and can certainly help to build an audience base, but a firm’s followers can never really be sure that the company they have chosen is really doing what they say.

This boils down to transparency, something Buffer have got nailed. The social media and growth app has devised bufferopen which discusses everything from boardroom decisions to vital company stats and typically private salary data.

They have dared to be different. The tenacity isn’t just paying off, it’s rubbing off as well. The method behind the madness makes sense for buffer because they are all about numbers, creating content that acts as an x-ray to how the business is run. Consequently followers can see the firm’s cogs turning as it devises its own pay scales, job roles and hiring methods.

The ‘visible kitchen’ approach nurtures trust and has helped develop an organic guest blogging culture that provides insight into firm’s reach to prospective employees. The overwhelming transparency makes a big statement about the company’s inclusive, forward-thinking ethos.

  1. LinkedIn
The hugely successful content marketing strategies of this social media platform have helped to make it a go-to for business professionals.

The site for digital networking invites experts to publish their own, academically robust material in longform. This has allowed specialist to collaborate and the creation of unique partnerships between brands, while opening new high-level avenues for brands to self-promote.

The site has organically developed as a library of specialist knowledge for digital marketers, packed full of tried-and-tested methods and advice from industry authorities in the form of essays, presentations and ebooks.

  1. GoPro
A perfect example of a firm wearing its heart on its sleeve and reaping the rewards as a result. GoPro creates high-quality - and more importantly, highly durable - video cameras that can be stowed on your person to record your experiences in almost any environment.

Whether underwater, in the desert, down the mountain bike trail or on the highest peak, this super-versatile camera captures all you see and hear and stores it in an easy-to-use digital format.

These videos really live up to the hype, so why would GoPro use any other method to push the adventurous spirit that burns within? The company takes full advantage of all social media platforms to provide daily installments of jaw-dropping footage that consumers go crazy for and share like mad between friends.

Crucially, each of the examples above feature firms that not only embrace content marketing, but wear it in a way that compliments and then enhances what they do.

If you’re image is a bit Clark Kent, there’s no reason why the correct approach to content marketing can’t turn your brand into a superhero!

By Stephen White, Amplified Business Content

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