By Max Clarke

Tablet computers are changing our lives and the way we work said Mark Mason, CEO of Mubaloo — the UK’s largest mobile application developer, today.

“2011 is already proving be the year of the tablet computer,” said Mr Mason. “The influence of tablets on our lives and businesses is only going to grow. Have no doubt; the tablet market is going to be huge.”

Hot on the heels of the Apple iPad and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas will see around 80 tablets launched this week. Toshiba will be announcing a larger format tablet.

“Toshiba’s offering is a 10 inch version running Google’s new Android operating system, codenamed Honeycomb. With no name and no price announcement, Toshiba clearly see that they need to get in on the action before the competition swamps them. This device is a 10 inch version with front and rear cameras, a future must for all of these devices it seems,” said Mr Mason.

It is expected that Toshiba will face an uphill battle with the iPad which was launched almost a year ago and has sales in the millions. Ominously, the next generation iPads are thought to be nearing their release date, and it is thought they will have front and rear cameras as standard.

“The size of the Toshiba is larger than some of the competition and it will be interesting to see if this can earn it a significant segment of the market,” said Mr Mason.